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Bushell, the founder of Goosnargh Hospital in Lancashire England. To command Hugh del Hey and Isabel his wife to restore to the said THURSTAN five acres of land and one acre of meadow in the same vill, which Robert de Hulton gave to Richard his son and the heirs of his body, and which after the death of the said Richard and Roger his son, and after the death of Henry the son of Roger, the son of Richard, the son of Robert de Hulton aforesaid, and after the death of Robert the son of the said Henry; and Margery the daughter of Robert the son of the said Henry; the said lands ought to descend in virtue of the above grant to THURSTON de STANDISH as son and heir of the said Margery. In 1405/6, Alexander de Standish, parson of the church of Standish, with Thurstan de Anderton conveyed and settled upon Elizabeth Isabelle daughter of Rauff de Standish, married to Richard, son of Gilbert de Langtree An indenture (1398) by fine for the seventh part of the manor of Shevington, two messuages, and two acres of land there, and five messuages in Standish, between Sir Roger Pilkington and Ralph de Standish and Cecilia his wife, for Lawrence their son, married to Lora, daughter of Sir Roger Pilkington. Also a fine of lands between Lawrence de Standish and Lora his wife, and Ralphde Standish and Cecilia his wife, of three messuages, 100 acres of land, six acres of meadow, four acres of pasture, and twelve acres of wood in Shevington and Standish, by which the said lands were settled on the said Lawrence and Lora. Reverend Roger de Standish, 1424-1478, gave an award for a family dispute in 1468/9. He was the son of Sir Alexander and Constance (Gerard) Standish of Standish. This parcel of land lay across the boundary of Chorley and Duxbury. Thurstan Standish and his descendants were Catholics in common with the Standish Family of Standish. In 1584, Sir William Tatton and his wife Mary widow of Ralph Standish (Edwards brother) are living on Standish of Standish land at Ellerbeck upon the Manor of Duxbury, in the former hall and home of the Duxbury family, the original descendants of Deowuc the Saxon. 20) In 1432 John Hawarden and Elizabeth his wife were freeholders in Poulton and Woolston. John Bennett, by the Standish trustees, with the consent of the late Charles Henry Lionel Widdrington Standish. ALLENSON, William late of Woolton-Magna in Lancaster County ARNOLD, William of Crosby BRADLEY, James of Bryning BEESLEY, Thomas of Layton and Boughton BOND, John of Inkling-Green BARKER, John of Weetley BARNS, Thomas of Goose-Nargh cum Wittingham CRAVEN, Robert of Billington CARTER, Joseph of Furnes DENTON, John of Widnes DARWEN, William of Wavertree DOUGHTY, Henry of Thotnley GREEHALGH, John late of Bramblesholm, deceased GREEN, William of Torisholm GERRARD, Charls of Halsal HAUGHTON, Gilbert of Brinscals KIRKBY, John of Upper Rawcliff cum Turnaker KEY, John of Walmersley LEWIS, William of Torkesteth, Clerk LEYLAND, Richard of Abraham LEYLAND, Ellis of Woston LAMB, William of Turnham MARTINGDAL, Philip of Blackrod MELLING, William of Chorley NORRIS, Edward late of Hale, deceased NICHOLSON, Christopher of Tatham ROBINSON, George of Bretherton RATCLIFF, William of Foxdenton, deceased RICHARDSON, Thomas of Outrawcliff ROBINSON, John of Oldlaund REDMAN, Sir John of Writon SNART, Henry late of Bretherton, deceased SCOT, Ralph of Pemberton SALVAGE, Richard of Rufforth SUDEL, Richard of Fishwick STAMPARD, James of Warton TRAVERS, Peter of Skilmersdale WOOD, Henry of Widnes WAINWRIGHT, John of Latham WRIGHT, Ellis of Croston WARD, James of Osbulstone ANDERTON, James of Birchley in Billing ANDERTON, Hugh of Euxton ANDERTON, James of Clayton BAMBER, John of Layton BUTLER, Edward of Outrawcliff BUTLER, Henry of Goosenargh cum Whittingham BIRTWISLE, Thomas of Huncoat BROCKHOLES, Thomas of Cheyley BROCKHOLES, Thomas of Hayton BAINS, Thomas of Sellet BRADSHAW, John of Scale BUTLER, William of Mierscough CLIFF, John of Eccleston CARTER, Richard of Widnes CLIFTON, Jervase of Salming-Grange CLARK, Thomas of Catteral COTTAM, Richard of Dilworth CONWEL, George of Watton CALVERT, John of Cockerum CHORLEY, Robert of Yealand CROSLAND, Jordan of Furnes DENTON, Edward of Ditton DOBSON, Hugh of Legrum DALTON, Thomas late of Turnham, deceased ELTONHEAD, Richard of Eltonhead Junior EYVES, Richard of Bradley and Fiahwick FIZAKERLEY, Nicholas late of Fizakerley, deceased FIZAKERLEY, Robert late of Walton, deceased FOWL, Robert of Billington FLETCHER, John of Burscoe GREEN, James of Tilsley cum Astley GORE, Edward of Alker GREGSON, John of Latham GORSUCH, James of Scaresbrick GREEN, Richard of Bowerhouse GRADEL, William of Ulneswalton GRIMSHAW, Thomas of Clayton GRIMSHAW, Robert of Clayton GRIMSHAW, Nicholas of Clayton GERRARD, William of Ashton HOWARD, Ralph of Sutton Senior HOWARD, Edward of Eccleston Junior HARRISON, Tho,as of Speak HESKETH, William late of Northmeals, deceased HAUGHTON, John of Parkhall HOUGHTON, William of Grimzargh HARRIS, Christopher of Chipping JACKSON, Christopher of Bold KNOWLS, John of Par KELLET, Richard late of Fishwick, deceased LANCASTER, John of Reynel LIVESEY, George late of Sutton, deceased LINEAKER, John of Widnes LATHOM, John of Hugton LAWRENSON, John of Hugton LATHOM, William of Allerton LATHOM, Richard of Allerton LATHOM, Edward of Allerton LOVELADY, Henry of Alker LUCAS, Richard of Haughton LATHOLM, Richard of Perbold LABURN, William of Torisholm MANWARINGG, of Windle MIDGEAL, Edward of Goosenargh MARSH, Roger of Goosenargh MOLLINEUX, Edmund of Ince-Blundel MELLING, John of Ince-Blundel MOLLINEUX, John of Ince-Blundel MOSS, Richard of Lathom SKINNER, ?? Standish Hall, secluded and situated among lonely woods, away from the main road, was an ideal meetingplace for conspirators, and William Standish became their ringleader.

And unless they shall so do, the said THURSTON then giving security for prosecuting his claim, you shall summon by good summoners the said Henry de Blakehurst, Roger de Caterall, Katherine, Hugh, and Isabel to appear before our Justices at Lancaster on the Monday in the fourth week in Lent Thurstan Standish of Gathurst in Standish leased and released to Oliver son of Alexander Standish certain property at a rent of £ 5 per annum for ten years, and after that for a rent of £ 20 per annum. and left his estate to her and his lawful children by her. 1382, as Sir Ralph de Standish, he explained to his dearest brother Gilbert de Standish, the rector, the objects of a feoffment he had made. He also served as trustee in certain family matters from 1451 to 1466, and as a witness to deeds during the same period. He married Margaret Radcliffe, the daughter of Sir Richard Radcliffe of Chadderton, thus further augmenting the family inheritance. One part lay upon the Manor of Chorley the other larger part formed the Burgh upon the Manor of Duxbury Sir Alexander Standish of Standish, Knight, lord of the manor of Standish, 1468-1507, son of Ralph de Standish and Margery Radcliffe, died in 1507, holding the manor of Standish of Sir Edward Stanley, Sir Richard Shireburne and Lady Le Stange in socage by a rent of five shillings, together with others manors and lands. Should Myles Standish be descended from Thurstan Standish, Myles would have been born into a devout Catholic family James Standish versus Henry, Bishop of St. dward Standish was the brother of Ralph and was Lord under wardship at the age of 14 years. Alexander Sandish of Standish and Woolston, lord of the manor of Standish 1610 son of Edward Standish and Ellen Radcliffe , was born 1560, died in 1622 and was buried at Warrington, Lancashire, April 23, 1622 In 1401 Hugh de Woolston was in possession of the manor. 19) By the marriage of his daughter Annabel (or Elizabeth) to John de Hawarden of Hawarden, co. The 'manorial rights, if any,' were reserved by the vendors. 32)Ralph Standish avoided conviction for recusancy, and on account of his age, took no part inthe Civil War. MOSSOCK, Henry of Bickerstaff MOSS, Richard of Skelmersdale DYER, ?? party at Standish Hall including many Jacobite sympathisers.

* born about 1053 Normandy, France died 10 February 1134 Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales buried St. Richard Prince of England born about 1054 Normandy, France died 1081 New Forest, Hampshire, England The Battle of Hastings, which took place on 14 October 1066, was the decisive Norman victory in the Norman Conquest of England.

It was fought between the Norman army of Duke William II of Normandy and the army of King Harold II.

Other branches of the Bushells existed in Dorsetshire, Warwickshire, Hertfordshire, Nottinghamshire, and Kent. In the same time period a Hugh Spileman was recorded as one of the Abbot of Shrewsbury's 'men of Woolston'; Farrer, Lancs. In one of the earliest deeds of ownership from the House of Standish, Radulphus purchased land from Siwardus de Duxbury and his brother Hugh at the Burgh upon the Manor of Duxbury. Richard de Ince; Alice, daughter of Jordan de Standish, releases to her brother William, son of Jordan de Standish, certain lands in Shevington of which she had been enfeoffed by Jordan, her father. Thomas and his wife Margery were enfeoffed by his brother Gilbert Standish Rector of Standish of land at Gathurst. Sir RALPH de STANDISH, of Standish, lord of the manor of Standish, 1396-1415, son of Henry and Joan (Worseley) de Standish, died after 1414/5. Soc.)ALEXANDER de STANDISH of Standish, son of Lawrence de Standish and Lora Pilkington, was lord of the manor of Standish, 1434-1445, and he died in the year 1445.

Richard left only daughters, and "to him," says Dugdale, "succeeded by Albert his Brother: who had Issue - Hugh Bushell. Edmund de Standish, younger brother of William de Standish, son of Jordan de Standish, married Elena Shuttleworth. 145) William, son of Jordan de Standish, enfeoffs William the son of Nicholas of Wigan and Matilda his wife, in all the lands which had been conveyed to him by Richard de Ince and Alice his wife. Thomas was the originator of the Gathurst branch of the Standish family. He married, about , Cecilia Bradshagh, living 1411/2, the daughter of Roger Bradshagh of Haigh and grand­daughter of John Osbaldston of Osbaldston, Esq. May 1407, Lawrence, son of Sir Ralph de Standish, and Gilbert his brother, took possession of these lands as trustees which had been granted to Ralph son of Henry son of John de Standish by Thomas Lampet, Esq., Elizabeth his wife, John de Standish, and included lands in Standish, Wigan and other places nearby. He married, 1421/2, Constance Gerard, who was living in 1468, the daughter of John and Alice Gerard of Bryn.

"Penwortham, the most northern of the parishes of Leyland hundred, contained one of the ancient castles of Lancashire, erected to guard the estuary of the Ribble when the channel of that river was wider than at present."Newton-Bushell was named from the Bushells, its possessors in the latter half of the thirteenth century.Teignweek was given in 1246 to Theobald de Englishville, and by him to his foster child and kinsman Robert Bushell.The Committee for Forfeited Estates had sold them to a Joseph Briscoe in April 1720, and he sold them to the Earl of Lichfield, John Austes and Nicholas Starkie. They had two sons, Ralph and Edward, but they both died before their father.Thus, when Ralph died in 1755, none of his sons was living and the estate went to his daughter, Cecilia, who had married William Towneley in 1735."This Roger," says Collinson, "was progenitor of the family of Bingham, who resided in this place, and gave it the addition of their name:" but why they called themselves Bingham he does not inform us.The Somersetshire line ended with an heiress in the time of Henry III.; but the family was of longer continuance in Devonshire.Documents sealed by Ralph and Thurstan provide evidence of that use. 39) and they in turn were succeeded some time before 1492 by their son Sir James Harrington. 40) Sir James died on 26 June 1497 leaving the manor to his wife Isabel during her lifetime, (fn. The heir, not then married, was at that time in the custody of Alice Standish, widow, his grandmother. It was evidently part of a marriage settlement for In the following year William’s only son and heir married Lady Phillippa who was a daughter : Lancashire was particularly strong in its Jacobite sympathies, and one of the leading plots to restore James II to the English throne was centred around Standish Hall.41) with remainder equally among their daughters: Anne wife of Sir William Stanley, Isabel wife of John Tresham, Joan wife of Edmund Ashton, Catherine wife of William Myrfield, Agnes wife of Thomas Ashton, Elizabeth wife of John Lumley, Clemence wife of Henry Norrys, , Margaret wife of Thomas Pilkington, and Eleanor Leicester. Of her daughters each of the following seems to have had possession of a fifth share of the manor within a few years of her mother's death: Alice Standish, (the heir of) Elizabeth Lumley, Eleanor Leicester, Agnes Ashton, and Joan Ashton. 1518, Sir John Holcroft of Holcroft, Knt, son of John and Elizabeth Holcroft of Holcroft. The following papers - mainly correspondence and blank commissions relating to the projected Jacobite invasions - were found in a garden wall at Standish Hall in 1757, where they had been hidden some 60 years earlier. See his 'New Light on the Lancashire Jacobite Plot, 1692-4', in Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society, vol. (available in the Record Office library) for further background information, and transcriptions of the correspondence.The battle took place at Senlac Hill, approximately 6 miles northwest of Hastings, close to the present-day town of Battle, East Sussex.Harold II was killed in the battle—legend has it that he was shot through the eye with an arrow.


  1. To 1682 AD. Edward de Standish Lord of the Manor of Standish. Edward Standish of Standish, lord of the manor of Standish, 1657-1682, was born in 1617 and died in.

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