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If Jeff Goldblum told me to get a bowl haircut and rob a bank, I totally would.As far as I can tell, Paleo is based off of the premise that humanoids were never sexier or healthier than when they were cavemen. Like, “the neighbors will start asking if you are in trouble with the local CSA-mob” number of veggies. Paleo also requires you to give up processed food, refined sugars, and alcohol, which makes sense because those things are wonderful.The profile we created is 100% empty, this includes no photographs in the profile and no personal information.You then need to ask yourself as we did why in the world are these women interested in us?Even though they had no birth control or Penicillin or dental floss, and everyone was probably covered in lice, they were super cut and sexy and that’s a lifestyle to which we should aspire. Apparently with Paleo, you need to eat a lot of protein, in the form of meat, seafood, and eggs. “You might be having an affair with the guy from the farmer’s market” quantity of veggies. But you’re also supposed to avoid grains, starches, and natural sweeteners (like honey), and you are supposed to limit your fruit intake. In some respects, it’s worked: being Paleo has killed my will to live, so I’m too sad to snack.Behold: And: The Paleo diet demands that you only eat what cavemen did, which means that you need to chew raw woolly mammoth meat for hours with a mouth full of rotting teeth, and wash it down with a nice refreshing gourdful of mud. This has curious side effects, especially gastrointestinally. My abs look pretty damn good, but I suspect that’s from all the nights I spend wracked with sobs because I can’t eat anything fun.For the record this site is operating in a fraudulent manner.

This site is running the same tactics as other dating sites running scams such as creating fake profiles to get men to sign up to their dating sites.The recipe describes them as “savory cookies” which is something that, if your blood sugar is low enough, you can almost pretend is a real thing. And then there are crumbly pucks of carrot and nut that are held together by the indelible resilience of failure and good intentions. Take your ingredients, none of which are even remotely cookie-like, and grind them in the food processor until they resemble cat vomit.(This is the first and only time in my life I didn’t want to eat the cookie dough.) Take the mushy chunks and form them into little patties of sadness.For seasoned dating reviewers it's easy to spot scams. It's very difficult to think that these 4 women would even need to be on this dating to meet men.Also take into account that the profile created for this review was empty.Then when you go look at who "liked you" you will see a list of women all of who supposedly are interested you.If you try to communicate back then need to upgrade to do send an email to the girl you want to email.It starts to become clear why we are receiving these fake likes from nonexistent women. If you don't know any better you may have thought you hit the gold mine but of course it's a scam.The site is involved in a scheme to trick men into upgrading to communicate with nonexistent women so they can make money off of your ignorance. Trying to communicate back to any of these emails will all send you to the upgrade page to purchase a .95 membership.You have a better chance of meeting women on a gay site that you do on With all the various deceptions they use there is no way to meet real women here.


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  2. Matchopolis is a completely free dating site that requires no credit card, and in fact has no paid "upgrades" of any kind. USA, Canada, UK, and the world.

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