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During that 18-month period, I slept with around 14 men.

"I usually like to have sex early on after meeting a guy because sex is a very important part of a relationship for me.

"When I tell my friends they always quote the three-date rule, which says a woman must wait until she has had a third date with a guy before having sex with him, but I don’t agree.

"I think you should do whatever you feel comfortable with.

One in 14 women overall said they would sleep with someone the first time they met, compared to one in four blokes who would do the same.

But the number of women who have sex on the first date is set to grow as more of them discover how empowering and liberated it makes them feel.

IT is no surprise that most men like to have sex on a first date – but there is also a growing number of women who jump into bed as soon as they can.

"I would be very honest if I didn’t find him that attractive or if I felt like we weren’t connecting on a mental level."Then we had an argument so I left early the next ­morning."Next time I will make sure I’m at least treated to a meal and a drink before we sleep together." Helen, who runs a cleaning business, says: "I’ve been on a number of first dates over the years where it’s turned into sex at the end."I don’t see the point in ­dragging it out because you’ll only know if there’s a connection once you meet in person."I’ll only sleep with someone if I like them and I can see things going further." "I think it’s a normal part of dating, but if I’m not into them then I’ll make a polite excuse and go home alone."I got chatting to a man on Tinder and we met up at a hotel and fell into bed as soon as we got there."It was really exciting – but when I suggested going out for a few drinks afterwards, he decided that he just wanted to spend the night in the room.I don’t see any point waiting months to have sex, especially at my age. As soon as we walked through the door we had sex." "Our relationship lasted for years and having a great sex life gelled us together."I need to know early on if I’m sexually compatible with someone or the relationship won’t work. "I met an ex-partner online and we had sex on our first date. "When we split up I met men through Tinder and Plenty of Fish."I’ve had to give a few guys the brush-off after sleeping with them as the spark wasn’t there."I’m quite a sexual person so that’s important to me. "I think my friends are unsupportive when I sleep with someone on a first date because they’re in long-term ­relationships.


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