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Dating a bigger woman

Between social media and an ever-changing market, bigger women are breaking out with confidence more than ever - leaving guys like Jim Hogue in the dust.

The author is either living under a 1980's rock or just something with high shock value.

In fact, some bigger women will play the "do as I say, not as I do" game in scenarios the author gives. The idea that bigger women are used as practice dummies is not only offensive, but wrong. It is not their fault lazy guys refuse to try to keep up with them.

Guys who do this often times fall into that slump and think this is as good as it gets. Confidence can only be found internally, not by the affections of a girl one has little desire to be around. Skinny women and bigger women require different workout routines. Not to mention the fact many bigger women do nag their skinnier boyfriends on the subject.

If it was not obvious before, the author sounds like American Psycho.

A real life Patrick Bateman who view appearances as the most important thing. Skinny girls might run on empty if they are told to have "more meat on the bones" or if guys are only interested in them because of their weight.


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