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Dating a japanese fender strat american furniture design and age dating

Let me guess, bridge, trem, radius, scale length, feedback?These can be an issue, but all of which can be sorted out.IMO, the best solution is just to buy some new saddles, people reccomend the Fender Mustang saddles, theyre easy to aqquire, a direct replacement, not too expensive and dont have any of the above issues since theres one (Properly cut) grove and no screws for height adjustment, a bit limiting, but you can still adjust height from the bridge assey itself.

Its the bridge saddles, originally fender designed the saddles to have lots of individual grooves to allow players to adjust there own string spacing, for whatever reason you’d want to do that.But for my purposes the graphtechs worked perfectly.There’s also the Adjust-o-matic (AOM) bridge which fender have introduced on the new MIM models, a worthwhile consideration, I do reccomend against replacing the bridge for a TOM (tune-o-matic) as qutie a few people have done, although it will fit in directly, it doesnt allow much room for adjustment to work with the 7.5″ radius, so the action is quite uncomfortable.This requires a precise set up of the trem to use though, I personally don’t bother, but if you want to know how the best option would be to take the trem itself off the guitar and have a look inside while you play with the range of the trem.The only real issue with the trem is the arm has a tendancy to fall out, the AV models have a lip to hold the arm in the “teeth” in the arm socket. You can correct this by wrapping some tape around the trem arm under the trem where it sits in the cavity, or by gently closing the teeth around the socket with some pliers.The tremolo system IMO is a fantastic design, its a floating system, the bridge will rock back and forth with movement of the trem to minimize wear on the strings created by friction, and mechanically it’s very similar to the bigsby vibrato (It uses one spring to push the arm/plate the strings sit into place.), i’ve heard people complain of tuning stability issues, but frankly i’ve found the trem to be capable of taking alot of abuse.If you’re having issues prehaps it’s worth replacing the spring inside.This circuit uses a 50k tone control along with a 1meg volume pot, allowing for a much warmer sound and an overall resistance much closer to that of a strat.The controls are pretty standard really besides the “Strangle” switch, this just puts a cap in series with the signal to cut the low end.You should be able to minimize the choke off to only a few frets and still keep the strings at a comfortable height.The radius is low to make it more comfortable for detailed chord work, so maybe stop trying to shred on your jaguar and get a guitar with a flatter fingerboard.


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  2. Stratocaster numbers are hard to read without a decoder. This guitar guide will help you lookup the Fender serial database and show your Telecaster age.

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