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The list of authors can be seen in the page history of Games People Play (Eureka).As with the Eureka Wiki, the content of Wikipedia is available under the GNU Free Documentation License.After confronting a quantum physicist whose efforts to disprove the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle are disturbing his neighbors (and suffering a blow to the head from the scientist's spinning test device), he returns home.There he interrupts Zoe's home therapy session (conducted with what appear to be virtual reality glasses, since Beverly is out of town) to talk about her impending departure.Searching for her, Jack discovers that not only is Jo gone, none of the other residents of Eureka remember her - as far as they are concerned, Jack has never had a deputy.He goes to Henry (working in his garage instead of at Global Dynamics), who says the earlier blow to Jack's head may have caused memory problems, and asks him to get an MRI. Jack consults with Henry again and decides that a classified "Section 8" project may have caused a breach between dimensions, sending Jack to parallel worlds where some of the people he knows never existed.As he searches for an answer, more people keep disappearing - Fargo, Henry and Nathan Stark among them.

The film “charts Alcala’s reign of terror while following the gut-wrenching journey of Carrie Preston’s Carol Jensen, a mother forever and tragically impacted by the collateral damage of Alcala’s evil,” according to the network.

Abby replies that she has seen how well Jack and Zoe fit in in Eureka, and how much the people of the town care about them. The episode ends with Jack telling Zoe that Abby decided he "needed adult supervision" - her.

Zoe thanks him for fighting to keep her, and they leave for Cafe Diem as SARAH plays a swell of sappy orchestral music. The original content was at Games People Play (Eureka).

Jack later goes to see Henry, telling him that according to the program, he has abandonment, intimacy, and entitlement issues.

Jack thanks Henry for helping him inside the program, even though it was only a virtual representation of him.


  1. Apr 16, 2014. 10 Dating Games You Shouldn't Waste Time Playing. 1. Find The Hidden Agenda. There's nothing worse than the person who pretends to wear their heart on their sleeve when they actually have an ace up it. This game is a lot like Where's Waldo but instead of a striped shirt-wearing fellow, you're trying to.

  2. Games People Play The Psychology of Human Relationships is a bestselling 1964 book by psychiatrist Eric Berne. Since its publication it has sold more than five million copies. The book describes both functional and dysfunctional social interactions.

  3. Games People Play" is a 1980 song by the Alan Parsons Project. It peaked at #16 in March 1981 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as well as #18 on Cash Box. It appears on the album The Turn of a Friendly Card and was sung by Lenny Zakatek.

  4. Nov 20, 2017. Considered a genius who charmed women into harm, Alcala is also known as the “Dating Game Killer” because of his 1978 appearance on the eponymous TV game show, a year before his eventual capture. In an exclusive clip from the ID movie above, Alcala tries to lure two women back to his home.

  5. The Dating Game is an ABC television show. It first aired on December 20, 1965 and was the first of many shows created and packaged by Chuck Barris from the 1960s through the 1980s. ABC dropped the show on July 6, 1973, but it continued in syndication for another year 1973–1974 as The New Dating Game.

  6. Games People Play" is the fourth episode of the second season of Eureka. After suffering a blow.

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