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The defamation lawsuit seeks million in damages for 'the defendant's efforts to injure the plaintiff's reputation through the intentional and/or highly reckless publication of actionable false and misleading statements about the plaintiff's conduct and character.'As a result of the defendant's actions, the plaintiff has been substantially harmed,' the summons sent to Ali stated.Since the allegations emerged against Bolling, a Fox News guest, who claimed in the past she was sexually harassed by Bill O'Reilly, came forward to claim she was also on the receiving end of unwanted advances by Bolling.He was the only child of Bolling, 54, and his wife, Adrienne Bolling Sr confirmed the tragic passing on Saturday afternoon in a tweet. The shocking news was first reported in a tweet by journalist Yashar Ali, who also broke the story last month about alleged lewd texts sent by Bolling Sr to female staff members at Fox News.He wrote that he and his wife were distraught.'Adrienne and I are devastated by the loss of our beloved son Eric Chase last night. Bolling Sr insists the allegations are false and has filed a million lawsuit against Ali.'Very sad news, Eric Bolling's son, who was only 19, died last night,' wrote Ali earlier on Saturday afternon.

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His attorney Michael Bowe told Daily Mail.com: 'Mr. Heldman of a sexual nature, and any such accusation would be false and defamatory.'The father-of-one co-hosted the Fox News show The Specialists and hosted Cashin' In.The identities of the women have not been released to the public.Bolling Sr had previously denied all allegations against him.On one occasion when she was in town, he took her into his office and told her it was his favorite place to have sex, she said. Mc Hottie' on air and, she said, would sometimes call her afterwards to apologize 'and then do it again'.Heldman made her accusations in a lengthy Facebook post on Saturday in which she also claimed that 'several other women' received similar treatment from him.'My only surprise is that it took this long for people to come forward about Bolling's behavior, which has been wildly inappropriate for years,' she wrote.Bolling Sr found out about his son's death just two hours after confirming his exit deal with Fox.He said the cause of death is under investigation but that authorities told him there was 'no sign of self harm at this point' and that an autopsy was planned next week.I'm a big boy..very telling,' Ali tweeted on Wednesday.'Not going to stop reporting on Eric Bolling or anyone else.I've had family members killed/jailed in Iran, a lawsuit isn't going to scare me,' he added, writing that he 'stand(s) by my reporting will protect my sources.'Bolling is represented by Michael Bowe - a lawyer from the same firm as Marc Kasowitz, President Trump's personal attorney until July.Conway wrote on Saturday: 'Love and prayers for friends Adrienne & Eric Bolling.May Eric Chase know eternal peace.'Hannity tweeted: '@ericbolling To my dear friend, please know we all love you, will be here for you and your family.'The tragic death took place one day after it came to light that Bolling Sr agreed to leave the network following an investigation into claims of sexual harassment.


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