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People were drinking alcohol and Ireland drank cough syrup to get high, but the teen did not drink or do drugs.

That is how many trafficking cases start, police said — girl meets boy online.

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Then give him a chance to openly share his own thoughts and feelings.Her family was unaware she was on those sites, they would later tell police. 20, 2015, Ireland and a friend, a graduate student at MSU, picked the young girl up in that snowy parking lot where her mother lost sight of her.According to police reports, Ireland and the friend took the girl back to the friend’s apartment at Spartan Village.The Internet has connected people with perpetrators they may never have met otherwise, and allowed perpetrators to reach into small towns they may never have visited, Docks said.“The Internet touches those folks now,” he said of trafficking in general, not the Mason girl’s case in particular. running away to the movie theater up the street, now you can run away online.And someone can give you all the articulation of a better hope and dreams and all those things.”The girl and her family declined to be interviewed for this story.Whatever it is, you’re feeling off about what happened. Here are some guidelines on how to navigate yourself and put the budding relationship back on track. I’m curious to understand what you heard me say.” There are subtle differences in the way men and women talk and listen. Hopefully you even enjoyed yourself during the experience. You simply had sex with a guy you like sooner than you’d prefer, and from that, you realized what you prefer. Whatever it is, before you have a conversation, you need to know your thoughts, feelings and decisions on what’s most in alignment with you. Ideally, have the conversation in person, but set a context first so you’re not dropping the news right before the trailers at the movie theater. It also helps him understand that you’re not blaming him. Own your role in the experience and hopefully he does, too.Experts say just as there’s no community immune from the crime, there’s no demographic — age, race, gender, religion, economic class — not at risk of being victimized. It’s a problem thrust into the local spotlight by recent high-profile sex-trafficking cases against Lansing’s Tyrone Smith and Christopher Bryant.The federal investigation into Smith’s case led to the March 14 arrest and 15 prostitution-related charges against longtime Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Stuart Dunnings III.And it’s an ongoing problem, police said.“I’m sure there are rings going on right now in Lansing,” said Ted Docks, the agent who leads the FBI’s Lansing office.“I think there’s other Christopher Bryants, Tyrone Smiths in our area, as well as other areas.”Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth, whose office has worked on all of the recent local sex-trafficking cases, declined to be interviewed for this story, saying he didn’t want to jeopardize ongoing investigations.


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