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—Celithemis , 16 August 2007 (UTC) I know what you mean.We could start slapping "nosource" or even "nopublicationdate" templates on all sorts of images which look like they probably are in the public domain even if their image description pages don't really prove it. I think those Monet haystacks are an interesting example.Could an admin please move this template to Category: Images in the public domain in the United States per Wikipedia: Categories_for_deletion/US_vs_U. Thanks, Beland , (UTC) Can someone possibly format this template to look more distinctive, perhaps like Template: PD-old? --Chris Ruvolo , (UTC) Does anyone have any objections to a reduction in the size of Image: in this template ? I think 25px would fit within the box nicely, but I don't know the wikicodes well enough to position it properly.It doesn't stand out from the text enough as is, IMHO. -- PFHLai , 10 December 2005 (UTC) Please add an interwiki link to the Vietnamese version of this template: , 25 January 2006 (UTC) The reason for a U. flag is to point out that the copyright is specific to the U. People have a tendency to upload files to Wikimedia Commons or other Wikipedia projects under the assumtion that PD tag means it is PD everywhere. If you don't object, I'll add this flag to some other commonly used PD-US tags. Someone continues to dump items at a job site in the 1800 block of Windrush Drive. The two agreed to fish in different areas and stay away from each other.2. The man was cited for driving with a suspended license and suspended registration.I'm not keen to personally do the research needed to verify that.Haukur , 16 August 2007 (UTC) My priority right now is to do something about distinguishing US and non-US works that are tagged PD-US, because I'm really getting sick of having to watch images that I've uploaded to make sure someone doesn't transwiki them to Commons.

A copyable example would be very helpful; I'm leaving the editprotected tag on in case some other admin is able to do this; feel free to remove in a few days if no-one does it. Are there any objections to me changing the text of this tag to cover all cases mentioned at the top of this page?See Wikipedia: Image copyright tags for a full list of tags available.The following are applicable within the United States. 9 between a 31-year-old Port Washington man and a 42-year-old Milwaukee man after they disagreed over the unwritten rules of fishing in the 100 block of South Wisconsin Street. Police also found a copper wire commonly used as a filter in a cocaine pipe. Other Police are seeking charges against a 53-year-old Sheboygan Falls woman for theft and ID theft after she allegedly accessed a family member's bank account and transferred the money to her own account. The woman was cited for nonregistration of an automobile. Police are seeking charges of driving with a revoked license-OWI related against a 26-year-old Port Washington woman after pulling the woman over at p.m. Other Police are seeking charges for possession of drug paraphernalia against a 43-year-old Waukesha man in connection with an incident at p.m. A police dog turned up a multicolored glass pipe in the vehicle with burnt marijuana residue and a large number of plastic bag twistoffs with trace amounts of a white powdery substance inside them.Does it have enough information to establish PD status? That's why I think we're going to have to focus on images that are truly likely to be copyright violations, at least for now, rather than trying to pin down which specific criterion every image on Wikipedia fits.Your suggestion of using a default tag for creators whose works were PD in their home country by 1996 sounds like a good start.--Fastfission , 23 June 2006 (UTC) Thank you again.And thanks for the advice, I got that right meantime ;-) --Branislav Jovanovic , 10 October 2006 (UTC) Can be used to simplfy this template and harmonize it with other PD-templates?Perhaps we could use #6 as a sort of default for cases like that.But in theory we'd always need to establish date of (first) publication to ensure it didn't fall into the 1978-2002 danger zone.


  1. Non-free historic image}} — for non-free images of historically significant deceased individuals. Note Images. Non-free USGov-USPS stamp — for images of U. S. stamps issued in 1978 or later. What if we add "See the talk page for more cases where this may apply"? howcheng {chat}, 30 June 2006 UTC.

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