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Gay herpes dating

I have spent a lot of time thinking about it, without resolution. I do believe on some of the gay singles sites etc people will mention they are positive for herpes and looking for someone else who is in a similar situation. Thirdly, if you were a condom you are very unlikely to pass on the disease.

Looking at advice on herpes websites the general advice I hear is that First of all , I want to applaud you for your ethical and sensitive approach to this disease. AFter you meet someone and start geting to the sexual stage ( I know, I know, that could be one date..you know you could take your time -there are some gay guys who appreciate that) you can tell them the situation.

I belong to a Yahoo group specifically for gay men with Herpes.

We discuss many issues, including casual sex, disclosure, etc.

I am a gay man who was diagnosed with herpes (type 2) a year ago. I would not know I had it, except for the diagnosis. It certainly makes me feel less desirable and sexually approachable.

I have not been on any dates nor had any sex since my diagnosis.

I've heard do hansfield quote the statistic of 50-70% of gay men having HSV-2. Just get potential partners tested and it's more than likely you won't have to worry about transmitting it to them at all - they'll already have it. BTW, a little afield from the topic, but thought it might interest you concerning other gay men posting they hsv status... It does make it a lot harder to meet other guys hsv positive.

"Since we don't have a gay dating service (for guys with herpes),outta curiousity I did a quick search of all the gay ads on twodating service for guys who post their status (using either key words hsv or herpes).

Meet singles who have herpes or hpv and are living full lives.

Don't sit around worrying about never finding someone special in your life.

Join and find someone to talk to, to laugh with, and maybe, even have a relationship with!

if you meant the former, then yes, i bet it's true that alot of gay men don't advertise their hsv positive status in dating venues.

you may have better luck with a support group or other common-interest group.


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