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Saynt, who is bisexual, started his post-college years as a nightlife consultant and fashion blogger, founding Fashion Indie, which would become one of the most widely read – and controversial – sites in the industry.

He was hired by the Rebecca Minkoff women’s handbag, shoe and apparel company as chief marketing officer, and later served as an executive vice president at the fashion magazine NYLON, after the publication merged with Socialyte.

“They have this shameful aspect to them,” she says, “but the reality is we sell hundreds and hundreds of them to couples and sexually active single males – just normal people.” Ragsdale adds that working with Saynt has helped the company “communicate with this sex-positive generation,” and they’re delighted to see their “ideologies gain traction on social media and through other channels.” Cheryl and several other sex dolls were at the Clubhouse during the party, an event NSFW calls “Playdate” – basically a house party where “sex can happen.” About every month Playdate guests interact with the NSFW brands, watch demonstrations like “How to Squirt,” and take in courses like “How to Pickpocket,” “How to Cheat at Poker,” “This Class Sucks: An Oral Workshop,” “Learn the Ropes: A Class on Japanese Bondage,” and “How to Ask For Sex” – a cornerstone class that preaches “enthusiastic consent” as the only means of consent, and spotlights Saynt’s mission to create a safe space for his club’s members.

(Saynt says NSFW has about 700 members, with hundreds more waiting to be accepted.) Staff members called “guardians” police the parties, wearing red wristbands and ready to help if an attendee is making another feel threatened or even just uneasy.

Written in chalk on a wall during the Playdate were “The Rules”: “After every event we send out a ‘Creeper Report’” – a rundown of people who were acting in unacceptable ways, such as gawking at other members and other behaviors – Saynt explains.

Violators of the NSFW code of conduct might be required to take part in additional “training” – i.e.

Her tall, bespectacled boyfriend begins striking her back and rear end with a cat-o-nine-tails dungeon whip.NSFW works with pro-sex and -drugs brands to showcase their products within the space, and seated next to Saynt throughout the interview, in fact, was a life-size blonde sex doll named “Cheryl.” She was manufactured by the Austin-based, family-run company Real Love Sex Dolls – one of NSFW’s clients.Randi Ragsdale, director of marketing and operations for Real Love Sex Dolls, says that through NSFW the company hopes to reach an open-minded audience, as sex dolls tend to attract so much negative press.“Trump was attacking all the values that made America great,” Saynt wrote.Concerned recent LGBTQ rights legislation would be rolled back, Saynt continued: “I could see what was coming, a new regime ready to …discriminate based on their own antiquated ideas of sex and relationships, ready to destroy sexual wellness by defunding Planned Parenthood and ending support for a woman’s right to choose.It was sickening and more importantly, inspiring.” Thus, NSFW – “Not Safe for Work” in popular parlance, but in the case of his company “the New Society For Wellness” – is Saynt’s sexy answer to Trumpism.“My younger brother had to sleep in the bed with grandma [and] my other brother slept out in the hallway.” During middle school, after a group of young drug dealers tried unsuccessfully to recruit Saynt into their gang, one of them pushed him down a flight of stairs.His family home-schooled him for a time after that.Big and bearded, Saynt’s been mellow all night, opting to take in the reverie around him instead of dancing through the crowded apartment like some of his guests.“I’m so tired,” Saynt, 34, says laughing, a few days after the party, his last big bash of 2017.


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