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I know, been there done that and never again will I fall victim. Mel, I am involved in a similar situation..not have I fallen in love with this man, but have sent him a lot of money, I have seriously been thinking about filing a report to catch him...is so bad...bottom line I am in love with most likely a scammer.Sweetheart my name is Cynthia you can contact me at I know from experience hes a scammer ive been in love with a soldier for a year before i found out the same as you if you have more questions you can email me or Hi Melanie This is almost 2 years old but as for the weekends I think their little online cafe is closed or they are off doing something else like being with their GF.She asked me for money to pay for her journey to my place which was more then 0.00 for gas and pocket change (a strategy stated above the comment section). So she said I wasn't caring and all that and that was a huge turn off.We stopped talking for awhile and she got in contact with me again asking me for my name and address to send me money to pick up for her at Western Union to send to her (another strategy stated above the comment section) which I almost agreed to because she knew how to pull on my heart strings.

I hope you had healing since the scammer caused you so much pain in the heart.

He did confide in me that his son was going to a school and that he had no way to transfer funds to the headmistress to keep his son there at the school. He did not stop talking to me and has said he loves me. What ever u do don't give him any money report him i too was taken in his voice sounded too young for his age i also did some research on this man's so called job, he started out being a gentleman within a few days he was telling me he loved me and proposed marriage, then came the desperation of needing money and asked me to buy him an i Tunes card for one of his machines i cut the relationship off right there Melanie, It's been awhile since your comment posted but I just wanted to add obey your thoughts not your heart especially on this.

I can relate because some lovely lady (supposedly from the pics) got to my heart online and told me she wanted to be my wife.

Military/none Military who do not know you will not just randomly add you to their friends list without knowing you personally.

Well Melaine,you have to take heart I know what it feel like when a woman is in love with a man,you are good hearted woman and that is the reason why you fall for us this and please do not make such a mistake next time.


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