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Lee dong wook and eugene kim dating

Many handsome korean actor but no one can replace u from my heart.

hope to see you in a big project not only on tv but also in big screen......

He's rumored to be dating his Partner co-star Kim Hyun Joo.

According to allkpop, this rumor started because both of them have been arriving late together recently for their shooting.

They should really acknowledge u, u have a gift to attract attention like in roommates, if I was to ever come to South Korean I would really want to see u.

Wookie you are so perfect in Blade man , your fascial expression is priceless and even ur silent is impressive.waiting for your next project but get some rest first we will be always waiting for u Love from the middle east :) This hot stuff is my newest life ruiner.

because i can like him, as a 28 years old woman, not a 13 years old girl.

They revealed that they didn’t start dating until finished filming, both are devout Christians and going to church together help strengthen their relationship, and Eugene confessed to wanting four kids.

I hope you stay healthy and safe filming (underway now), 이동욱 / LDW!

of course he is older than me but i am still proud of that fact..

keep it up , wish you the best btw i rewatched HK zillion of times and i almost finished watching your old dramas .perfect waiting for your next project , fighting Lee Dong Wook, i love your acting as an actor and i like your personality as a man!


  1. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo Dating. Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah Dating. cook dennis oh ellen degeneres eon eric eugene ft island g-dragon glee.

  2. Lee Dong Wook is not married. He is an actor from South Korea, and is known for television dramas such as My Girl and Scent Of A Woman.

  3. Lee Dong Wook plastic surgery is quite minimal. Eugene Kim and Lee DaHae. Lee Dong Wook and. Lee Dong Wook started dating Jo Yoon Heeeven after.

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