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It has a rather unique structure to it where the story and characters are introduced to us for an extended period of time with little else happening.

This might sound like a negative but it really wasn't.

Where one song may be a hit on the radio, there's another rapper's song that's even bigger in the club. From Bankhead to College Park to Zone 4, these are the 50 Best Atlanta Rap Songs.

Where an artist may be known in industry circles, there's also an underground champion with just as much—sometimes even more—clout.

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Hard as it is for anyone under 25 to believe, there was a time when Atlanta rap was the red-headed stepchild of hip-hop.

New York's rap purists will look down their noses at anything, but they reserved particular scorn for rap from the South, and rap from the ATL in particular.

The characters, particularly the main one Kylie, are a lot more likable than you usually get in this type of film.The extra time given to the viewer to get to know them really pays off in this way.The sexuality of the film is always apparent but never overbearing and it certainly never becomes anything you could refer to as an "erotic-horror".[Intro: August Alsina] (Trinidad James) (James) Brachu Uwielbiam to Brachu Uwielbiam to (Ok) Brachu Uwielbiam to Brachu Uwielbiam to I Uwielbiam to I Uwielbiam to (Kocham, Kocham , Kocham - HAH!) Jest godzina druga i jestem naćpany , tym zielskiem czuć niesamowicie Mam nieodebraną pocztę głosową w telefonie od kochanki , tak czuje się odpowiedzialny dorosły człowiek Powiedziała że chce się ruchać , jestem w samochodzie , miałem wiele spraw Wszedłem do jej sypialni , z pewnością je przełożyłem Brachu byłem na Ciroc*WÓDKA , zrobiłem parę fotek Twoja dziewczyna na moim Wacku , może mam wszystko czego ci brak Zobacz nie mam żadnej s*ki , nie jestem bogaty , nie jestem typem kapusia Jestem prawdziwym czarnuchem do bólu prawdziwym - po prostu staram się być na luzie może i jestem za bardzo nachlany żeby tak mówić jestem za bardzo na haju żeby mieć wpadkę jestem za młody żeby tak żyć Pytasz się dla czego to robię ?Since these watermarks are added during the production, it is not possible to see them from the camcorder's viewfinder.See more » Patience is a virtue not often found in slasher flicks.It's 2015, though, and the A's status as one of the capitals of hip-hop was confirmed long ago (depending on which year you're talking about, it might be the capital of hip-hop).It's like that now—you better go on and get the hump up out your back now.Atlanta is arguably the most layered music community in hip-hop. The producers create albums with a new sound every other season. If hip-hop's early days were informed by New York, and its '90s heyday involved a vacation to Cali, for the past 10 years it's been influenced more by the capital of Georgia than any other place in the world.Atlanta's rap community engenders a fierce pride, and it's a scene that's both insular and accepting. I., from Bonecrusher to Kilo Ali, this is just the cream of the north Georgia crop.


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