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Aethelwulf's youngest son, Alfred, may have accompanied his father to Rome.

Aethelwulf's first wife (and mother of his children including five sons) was Osburh; we don't know if she had died or was simply cast aside when Aethelwulf negotiated a more important marriage alliance.

Her father, perhaps hoping to find another marriage for her, confined her to a convent.Judith's genealogy has some important links in British royal history.Sometime between 893 and 899, Baldwin II married Aelfthryth, daughter of the Saxon king Alfred the Great, who was a brother of Judith's second husband and the son of her first husband.Some scholars have suggested that Charles had hope that Baldwin would be killed in this effort, but Baldwin was successful.The area, first called the March of Baldwin, became known as Flanders.She married William the Conqueror, the first Norman king of England, and with that marriage and their children and heirs, brought the heritage of the Saxon kings into the Norman royal line.Finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country.Aethelbald revolted against his father, perhaps fearful that Judith's children would displace him as his father's heir, or perhaps just to keep his father from taking control of Wessex again.Aethelbald's allies in the rebellion included the bishop of Sherborne and others.One descendant, the daughter of Count Baldwin IV, married Tostig Godwineson, brother of King Harold Godwineson, the last crowned Saxon king of England.More importantly, another descendant of Judith's son Baldwin II and his wife Aelfthryth was Matilda of Flanders.


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