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Pinners you follow not updating

Before, your image would sit nicely on their board yet enjoy few to no repins.It’s appreciated, but not necessary adding the momentum you hoped for.Particularly with the new summed pins, we strongly encourage having a Pin It button on your website.Make it easy for your followers to share your images.When all they have to do is click and Pin, they are much more likely to share.

Now, Pinterest is rewarding you for each time you entice a reader to Pin your image, regardless of their following.

Behind the scenes, that pin actually has 5,000 pins from the initial pin, then influencer Sally pinned it adding 300 repins to the count as well as receiving general love across of all of Pinterest adding another 70 to the total.

Now each individual pin of a specific image from a specific URL will get “credit” for the engagement from its sister pins.

While we’ve always been able to write a custom description, it’s an underutilized, and often times ignored, activity.

If you’re a regular reader of the Tailwind Blog, you know that adding your own description to Pins is a step you should always take.


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