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Pros and cons of dating a virgin

Some call themselves secondary while some of us should classify ourselves tertiary or even post graduate virgins.

Virginity Definition Virginity is referred to as a state of a person who has not been involved in any sexual intercourse.

At the same time though it pays to be fully informed before you make any big decisions regarding celibacy or otherwise, and as this is such an important decision you should make sure to take time to consider all of the angles on this difficult subject.Being Yourself One thing that many people don't consider about celibacy is that it allows you to be yourself this way you don't need to worry as much about how you are going to dress, about losing weight, about building muscle or about working out the best chat up lines.Because you're not trying to impress anyone, and because you're not out on 'the pull' this then means that you can relax and sink into yourself.Some people do not even care about being a virgin or not till marriage, what they regard most is how they feel about their previous love making experience, thus, whether they can learn something from it, in order to improve upon their sexual relations in future.Cultural, Religion and Societal views on virginity Most culture and religion sees virginity as a state of purity, innocence, uncorrupted, integrity among others.So, the first act of sexual intercourse by a female and in some cases a male is regarded as an important personal milestone in that person’s life. This practice is normally accompanied by the woman wearing a veil on the gown and that she will “give up” her virginity to her new husband in the act of consummation of the marriage.Traditionally, in most societies, there is a cultural expectation that a female refrain from any pre-marital sex and that she should present herself spotless and virgin to her husband on the day of her wedding. Even in some cultures, instruments such as menstrual cup, tampon, medical examinations and other practices that may break the hymen is prohibited.Even, to others a person remains a virgin as long as that fellow has not given consent to any sexual activity.So, even if someone is sexually abused, that fellow still remains a virgin.Knowledge of the fact that both of you have kept yourselves unspotted and clean before marriage will bring glory to yourselves, family and ultimately enjoy all the blessings that comes with marriage. Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Virgin was written by Chantelle Iris Nunoo Please express your opinion by leaving comments or ask a question on any relationship issue by using the “Ask a Question” link on the main menu.Deciding to become celibate is a huge decision and a great commitment one that will affect not just your sex life but every aspect of your life.


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