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Psychology younger man dating older women

According to a new survey by dating website Elite Singles, men aged between 20 and 29 are much more likely to date a woman who is significantly older than them, while men aged 30 and older, while still eager to enter into a relationship with someone younger, are starting to close the average age gap between themselves and their ideal prospective partners.'Young men nowadays probably recognize that older women are adept at diligently juggling so many responsibilities (career, children, housekeeping, fitness, finances, socializing), which makes them intriguing and attractive and a more secure option,' psychologist, Sam Owen told the Huffington Post.Elite Singles surveyed 450,000 of its online daters in order to find out what their ideal relationship age gap would be, with the results clearly indicating that - despite society's perceptions about men always needing to find a younger woman - the majority of young men actually want the exact opposite.The question some ask rather than men their own age, why do older women like younger men? Sex, We all love sex and perhaps it was natures joke that gave men and women different sexual peak ages, Men sexually peaking at 18-22 and women peaking at 28-32 years old.Since women peak sexual at an older age they may be drawn to younger men because they tend to have a higher libido than an older man.I stayed married to my husband for seven years, and by the time our relationship ended, I saw our age difference in a completely different way.Now that I’m single in my 30’s, I really only want to date guys very close to my age.Less than a handful of years younger would be okay, and maybe one or two years older, but that’s about it.It’s quite common to see older men and younger women dating in this country and all over the world.

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I’d always felt pretty mature for my age (as so many women do), and especially in comparison to the guys around me.And hearing “I think I pulled my back” is not very attractive. This can be an exhilarating change for an older woman.Younger men do not have as much responsibilities as an older man. Because of this they can be more spontaneous and adventurous. A younger man will be more inclined to go out and take her to new exciting venues.He contends, rather, that “much of the appeal” men find in dating younger women is “the hope of finding someone less demanding.” He says, “A man in his 40s who wants to date women in their 20s is making the same calculation as the man who pursues a “mail-order bride” from a country with less egalitarian values.It’s about the mistaken assumption that younger women will be more malleable.” In fact, young women in their early and mid-20s are quite malleable, something a woman that age might deny, but ask that same woman in her 30s to look back at her younger self and it’s likely she’d concede the point.So why are young women so willing to date older men?“Ask women in their teens and 20s who are in relationships with older men about guys their own age, and you’ll invariably hear laments about young men’s immaturity,” Schwyzer says.Rather than allow that to make a case for older men being great fathers to infants, that should make the case for young women of childbearing age to mate with young men their own age. Young men are encouraged to be a bit more mature, but remain goofy enough to be playful dads, and young women will hopefully be able to retain a life-long partner instead of an aging and eternal player willing to discard her as soon as she turns 40, or one she wants to ditch as soon as she’s old enough to realize what she’s gotten herself into.Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.With numerous celebrities past and present having such relationships.Celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, etc.


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