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Regular expression validator not validating

The commandline interface connects to the same service as the JSON-RPC one, so the public servers and server configuration are the same. The commandline puts the command after any normal (dash-prefaced) commandline options, followed by a limited set of parameters, separated by spaces.

For any parameter values that might contain spaces or other unusual characters, use single-quotes to encapsulate them.

On the other hand, there is widespread support for JSON-RPC because you can use a standard HTTP library to connect to ) Additionally, to access admin functionality, you must connect from a port/IP address marked as admin in the config file.

The example config file listens for connections on the local loopback network (, with JSON-RPC (HTTP) on port 5005 and Web Socket (WS) on port 6006, and treats all connected clients as admin.

The address is derived from the account's master public key, which is in turn derived from a secret key.

An address is represented as a string in JSON and has the following characteristics: For more information, see Accounts.

When Specifying a Ledger Instance you can use either one.

It is impossible to list all the possible ways an error can occur.Every account object in the XRP Ledger has a Sequence number, which starts at 1.For a transaction to be relayed to the network and possibly included in a validated ledger, it must have a number.Alternatively, you can use Ripple API, which is a simplified Java Script client library, which communicates directly with a In general, we recommend using Web Socket, because Web Socket's push paradigm has less latency and less network overhead.Web Socket is also more reliable; you can worry less about missing messages and establishing multiple connections.server, you can use either the Web Socket API or the JSON-RPC API.Both APIs use the same list of commands, with almost entirely the same parameters in each command.You can also identify a transaction by its sending account and Sequence Number.Each closed Ledger has a Ledger Index and a Hash value.Some may occur in the transport layer (for example, loss of network connectivity), in which case the results vary depending on what client and transport you are using.However, if the Some JSON-RPC request respond with an error code on the HTTP layer.


  1. Jan 24, 2008 Only numbers can enter into that Textbox We can use Regular expression validator for this In the validation expression property keep ^\d+$. aspTextBox.

  2. I want to make sure that the user does not input any of these string \* or \ or \^ or \~. What regular expression would I use for this in page, and also.

  3. How to Find or Validate an Email Address. The regular expression I receive the most feedback, not to mention "bug" reports on, is the one you'll find right on this.

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