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Rules of etiquette for dating

If your relationship is on the outs or you would actually rather go solo, just inform the couple when you reply.And if the invitation says “and guest,” be sure to list your guest’s name (if you are bringing one) in your reply.2.By sticking to your guns, you become one step closer to the wedding that you want—not one that guests have dictated.6.Don’t Worry About “Returning Plus-One Favors”If you and your partner are invited to a friend’s wedding, don’t feel obligated to return the plus-one favor (seriously).“Your wedding is—and can be—different from theirs,” says Hopkins.“They may not be happy with your decision at first, so it may be best to communicate and explain why you made the decision you did.” Most importantly, work extra hard on your seating chart to ensure those attending your wedding stag are seated with someone they know, or at a table filled with personalities who will make them feel comfortable and welcome.7.

Wedding Plus-One Rules for the Guest The etiquette isn't just for the bride and groom.

There are also good wedding plus-one rules to to follow as a wedding guest.

Keep these guidelines in mind after receiving your invitation.1.

“[Guest list] suggestions are inevitable—and difficult to avoid—so it’s best to have a plan in place to prevent being caught off guard and agreeing to suggestions you might later regret.” Start by making an exhaustive list of every member in your extended family you hope to see at your wedding, including significant others who fall outside your family tree (use Excel or a Google Doc to keep a growing headcount). While it’s common courtesy to always invite both members of a married couple to family weddings (regardless of whether or not you’re close with both parties), fresh relationships and singletons are trickier to navigate.

If you’re looking to host an intimate wedding with an intimate guest list to match, stay true to your vision and nix all plus-ones you’re not overly acquainted with.


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