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Senior boy and freshman girl dating

Also, you’re able to have intelligent conversations which means you both have some mutual interests and similar personalities, something that will play a helping role in getting you two together. Seriously, people who you have never met or heard of before will talk about your relationship.

Many of them will have negative things to say, and just as many will assume it’s purely about sex and that you’re a poor, naïve freshman.

If things are as good as they seem to you, I really do think this senior could be interested in you. If this guy makes you happy, by all means I’m ecstatic that you’ve found him.

So, after reviewing the play, the ruling on the field has been reversed. If it were my little sister would I be freaking out?

The world is your oyster, and you'll have everything at 20 percent off, please!

AGE 20 1/2 The Whole Foods bro turns out to be pretty solid and you date him for the rest of college.

AGE 20 Out of the dorms and it's a whole new world!

As a freshman in college, do I have any chance with a senior guy?

He's the least gross dude on your floor and he wants to be a doctor!

You have sex on literally ever surface in Hayden Hall.

You two move into an apartment that your parents have to cosign for and you wait tables and he slings Kombucha after class.

You are young, you are broke, and life will never be better.


  1. Senior girl dating freshman boy. His shitfaced american graffiti is the ultimate party movie – loud, crude, socially irresponsible and totally irresistible".

  2. Senior boy and freshman girl. Yes, yes in fact they would. I have a friend in band who is a freshman girl, and she is dating a Senior guitar player.

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