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Sim dating elf 2

Two more series were published in a reduced "comic book size" format, but still in black and white: Siege at Blue Mountain (8 issues) and Kings of the Broken Wheel (9 issues), later collected and published in color as part of a second edition of the graphic novels as Books 5–8.

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Fans have complained that the publication schedule is disappointingly slow.

that they could produce a higher quality publication on their own.

After borrowing money in order to start Wa RP Graphics, the Pinis started publishing with Elfquest #2 (published magazine size with glossy full color covers and a character portrait print on the back cover by Wendy; a format that would continue throughout the series' entire run).

This series was one of the early successes that marked the establishment of a phase in underground comics in which a new genre of alternative independent comic books emerged that were closer in content to the comics mainstream.

Elfquest was also one of the first comic book series that had a prearranged conclusion. The fact that a female artist/writer (Wendy Pini) was the creative principal of the series was also notable.


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