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Steamstartvalidatinguseridticket returned esteamerror

I have startet the server without any mods but still nothing.

hmm I think the port is free because I had started a Server on this port.

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Once the server shows up online and friends can connect, I re-enable IPTABLES on my game server.

If the server disappears when you re-enable IPTABLES you know it's your local firewall rules and not the NAT / port forward.============================================================ // // Contents: // // Steam User ID types.// // This file is distributed to Steam application developers.25: Disk read error This error is returned if there is a disk read error when trying to probe or read data from a particular disk.(Sry for bad english 'n stuff) Edited by zorgion, 16 March 2009 - AM.

Sometimes comes this: Steam Start Validating User IDTicket: Returned ESteam Error 25 Reason: Error verifying STEAM User ID Ticket(server was unable to contact the authentication server).

Here is a picture: and it also writes: Got Steam2 authent....

I cant help, i waiting for HL1 release But, a long time ago, when I start using your universal patch for HL1, I contact admins, then send to them Ethereal Log from authenticating user (me), and they implemented to SETTI bot...

Edit: I don't know how but the problem with the error messages by connecting ist fixed.

Sometimes it doesnt connect, based on connection issues, nothing with the server, if anything its on steams side, but I get that soemtimes, and restart the server and its fixed or it takes a few times.


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