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The carrying of knives by young people has become a common occurrence in our cities, but law makers and we politicians have still not tackled the problem effectively.Perhaps we can learn from Syed’s father, who said in a statement submitted during the trial: “My son was killed by a knife that severed an artery in his leg.That’s what they tell us.” He and other officers say that stop and search is vital in removing knives from the streets, but that it must be intelligence-led and delivered “ethically and with integrity”. In 2017, there was not a single knife crime fatality.This could be attributed to its violence reduction unit (VRU), which Strathclyde police established in 2005 to tackle the problem, particularly in cities such as Glasgow.It was equally painful hearing a 16-year prison sentence being served to a teenager who would be 32 by the time of his release.

nuclear commander said Saturday he would push back against President Trump if he ordered a nuclear launch the general believed to be "illegal," saying he would look to find another solution. John Hyten, commander of the , told an audience at the Halifax International Security Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Saturday that he has given a lot of thought to what he would say if a president ordered a strike he considered unlawful. When you have this responsibility, how do you not think about it?

Robert Kehler before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee earlier this week.

Kehler said that nuclear operators would refuse to implement an unlawful order.

Shortly after Syed’s killing, I attended an anti-knife rally in Altab Ali Park along with Syed’s family, police officers, campaigners and other councillors.

The aim was to urge community members to stand up against violent crime.


  1. On 22 December, I attended the sentencing hearing of the four young men involved in the brutal knife murder of 20-year-old Syed Jamanoor Islam outside his home near.

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