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Traditions that need updating

I get that there is a cost to them and even their loved ones.

They might be outcaste and lose a sense of belonging; they might even be ostracized legally or morally. I understand that when people have a strong sense of belonging to something, they feel a sense of safety and security in knowing that “this is my mob, and this is how we do it”.

I get why people don’t rock the boat and don’t want to change outdated traditions.Timing with change is important; if the masses or those in power are not ready for it, it could backfire.However the consequences of trying to influence change before people are ready are not all bad. While the individual may have been heavily penalised, society benefited because the change was introduced and people began to debate and question things for the first time.Here are 14 traditions that I think need updating, some are silly some are serious, but all need a serious look at what their purpose is today. I think the time has come to have a national day where all Australians can celebrate the land and its people.when our Indigenous people have clearly said it is not a day of celebration? That day is not January 26 I know it has always been a tradition that the crew of a commercial airline look respectable and well-groomed but seriously isn’t it time we questioned this?Surely you must have thought why do we always do things in this way? Traditions can be a good thing; they can provide us with a sense of belonging, belief and ritual that is passed from generation to generation.Traditions ensure that what are considered the ‘good beliefs’ are indoctrinated into the next generation and so on.It takes a brave and clever person to rock the boat and suggest that maybe things could be done another way.I also get why people want to hold tight to traditions.It might just make you question things you hold close to you, or things you have never thought of, but it’s all for good, not evil. Every Christmas Eve I have these thoughts, but this year will be different!I happen to think it’s healthy to question yourself first; question others second and question everything else third. Some of you might say “well, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” or” tradition is our foundation and without it we will be finished” or you might even go so far as to say “don’t rock the boat, Missy”. Why do they occur in your family, your community or in your world?


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