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He fought against successive waves of factory legislation, and seems to have been a major influence in the 1833 Factory Commission.As a Whig and reformer, he witnessed the Peterloo Massacre, joined with other reformers in the campaigns for free trade and the repeal of the Corn Laws; and fought for the Reform Bill.

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He then went on to star in the smash film Billy Elliott as older brother Tony Elliott.

Box 500 (Tobias Menzies): Red Troop’s computer and tech expert, on loan from MI-5.

“Box 500” is the most awesome character name this side of “Dotsy Doheny.” Episode One: The Killing House: The opening scene features Alex lying on his back bound in duct tape, which immediately sets a standard of excellence the rest of the episode will fail to attain.

) and the jacket photo of Ramamurthy et al posing stoically with assault rifles and flak jackets, my expectations were low. Much of the entertainment value comes from the genuine pleasure of watching people who are damn good at their job, even if their job is, y’know, shooting people in the mouth.

It’s not a great show -- it’s not terribly thoughtful or ground-breaking, and it undoubtedly glamorizes violence -- but, speaking as someone who grew up finding far too much entertainment value in , I give it a jaunty thumbs-up.


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  2. Jamie Bell and girlfriend Kate Mara put on another loving display as they take his little boy to. is trying to get back at him by dating Scott.

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